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Rediscovered my love for Atari.

And now my greetings to you, an ode to my Jaguar and used game stores.

In late 1993, Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy was released for the Atari Jaguar game console. In 2007, a short tempered 22 year old, who had dug his video game equipment out after recovering from a surgery which saved the vision in his left eye, purchased a copy of this game used for $9 at a store in Fair Oaks. He then marveled at the angry wonder of this masterpiece (of shit) which comes off as the interesting (bastard) child of R-Type and Asteroids.

First off, you get 3 lives for each of your 3 continues, and the continues drop you right where you left off with your score counter reset. So basically you have 9 lives, which plays into the game's countless kitty litter jokes as you're a Jaguar named Trevor flying a spacecraft. You start off with a pea shooter that can't really blow up anything, but you have to press B like its going to stop Satan from ripping your balls off so you can get a gun that actually kills something. Once you've finally obtained enough power ups to breeze through the level at an enjoyable pace of destruction, some random bullet gets by you, kills you, and you have your pea shooter again. Only now, you're further into the level, so there's 10x more shit shooting at you and no power ups are appearing. Fun!

There's 5 stages, I usually run out of continues on the third. Your special weapons are selected via numbers on the Jaguar controller's keypad, which you then get to guess about since by the year 2001, all controller inlays had vanished from the face of the earth as its nerdy followers had to go through various moves (this made Iron Soldier and Cybermorph especially fun games).

At least Tempest 2000 is still fun.
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