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Lynx noise!

Some of you might get a kick out of this. I got invited to play a noise/experimental gig, pulled a project out of my ass, called it Superzapper Recharge in honor of Tempest, and started using my Atari Lynx as my noise input device.

Its more than perfect. I discovered the headphone jack on this thing hits what's max on a discman at about 2. The output signal is about 3x that of my guitar. I put in Blue Lightning, which keeps the sound of the engine running consistently, and can hit the buttons for gun/missile sounds. Add 2 fuzz boxes, a delay and a wah pedal, and presto! Noise set.

I also like playing in the dark, and the blinding terror that is the Lynx II backlight wound up being all my stage lighting. I've also adopted an official mascot:

If any of you are curious, it randomly pops up on tracks 2-5 on the MySpace page,
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